Pune Gears Up for Ganeshotsav : 20 Schools Open Grounds for Vehicle Parking

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In preparation for the upcoming Ganeshotsav festival in Pune, authorities have taken measures to alleviate traffic congestion in the city center by designating municipal and private parking lots, as well as school and college premises, for vehicle parking. This year, the number of available parking spaces has increased compared to the previous year, offering some respite to residents who often struggle to find parking during the festivities.

The surge in traffic during Ganeshotsav, especially after the immersion of Gauri idols, has historically led to severe congestion in central areas of the city. In a recently held meeting, concerns were raised about the lack of parking space for citizens during the festival. In response, they called for educational institutions in city areas to make their premises available for parking.

The residents’ persistent efforts in liaising with the city police and municipal administration have yielded positive results, with many educational institutes willingly providing parking space during the Ganeshotsav period. Most of these parking facilities will be available in the evenings, and a significant number of educational institutions have agreed to offer free parking, although some may have ‘Pay and Park’ options.

To mitigate traffic jams during the festival, authorities advise citizens to minimize the number of vehicles they bring into the city center. In addition to municipal and private parking lots, here are some of the school and college premises that have opened their grounds for Ganeshotsav vehicle parking:

Central Petha Area:

Shivaji Akhada parking lot – Capacity: 100 two-wheelers, 20 cars
New English School, Ramanbagh – Capacity: 40 two-wheelers
Gogte Prashala – Capacity: 60 bikes
Desai College – Reserved for Police Vehicles
S.P. College – Approximate capacity: 120 bikes
Shivaji Maratha School – Capacity: 25 bikes
Natubagh – Capacity: 100 two-wheelers
Near PMP Ground, Pooram Chowk – Capacity: 25 cars
Hamalwada, near Patrya Maruti – Capacity: 300 two-wheelers, 50 cars
Along the riverbed – Capacity: 300 two-wheelers, 80 cars

Bharti University Area:

PMP Terminal Katraj – Capacity: 30 two-wheelers, 40 cars
Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Museum – Capacity: 350 bikes, 70 cars
Santoshnagar, Katraj Bhaji Mandai – Capacity: 30 two-wheelers, 30 cars
Singhgarh Road Area:

Sanas School, Dhairi – Capacity: 120 two-wheelers
Rajaram Bridge to Vitthalwadi Arch Church site – Capacity: 100 cars
Dattawadi Area:

Sarasbagh, Peshwa Park – Capacity: 100 bikes
Opposite Harjeevan Hospital, Savarkar Chowk – Capacity: 30 two-wheelers
Patil Plaza Parking – Capacity: 100 bikes
Friends Hall – Capacity: 30 bikes
Parvati to Dandekar Bridge – Capacity: 100 bikes
Dandekar Bridge to Ganesh Mala – Capacity: 300 bikes
Ganesh Mala to Rajaram Bridge – Capacity: 400 bikes
Nilayam Talkies – Capacity: 100 bikes, 80 cars
Deccan Area:

Vimalabai Garware High School – Capacity: 100 bikes
Apte Prashala – Capacity: 100 bikes
Abasaheb Garware College – Capacity: 200 bikes, cars
Ferguson College – Capacity: 500 bikes and cars
Marathwada Friendship College – Capacity: 100 two-wheelers
Sanjeevan Medical College – Capacity: 150 bikes, cars
Jain Hostel, BMCC Road – Capacity: 200 bikes, cars
Shivajinagar Area:

COEP College – Capacity: 250 to 300 bikes, cars
SSPMS College – Capacity: 250 bikes
Kondhawa Area:

Bhakti Vedanta Parking – Capacity: 300 bikes, cars
Handewadi Area:

Dada Gujar School – Capacity: 500 bikes
Old Idgah Ground, Chintamaninagar – Capacity: 1000 two-wheelers
Bhangire School – Capacity: 800 two-wheelers
Hadapsar Area:

Bunter School – Capacity: 100 bikes, 50 cars
SM Joshi School – Capacity: 200 bikes, 50 cars
Mundhwa Area:

PMP Bus Stop, 

Near Saptshringi Mata Mandir – Capacity: 60 bikes

These designated parking areas aim to ease traffic congestion during Ganeshotsav, making it more convenient for residents and visitors to enjoy the festivities without the hassle of finding parking in the bustling city center.