Pune: Central Railway appeals to passengers not to misuse Alarm Chain Pulling

Pune: Central Railway appeals to passengers not to misuse Alarm Chain Pulling

Pune: Central Railway appeals to passengers not to misuse Alarm Chain Pulling

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Misuse of Alarm Chain is an offence and can cause inconvenience to fellow passengers

Railways have provided an Alarm Chain Pulling (ACP) option in Suburban and Mail / Express trains for use during emergencies. The alarm chain is designed to be pulled in emergency situations only to alert the Loco pilot and Train Manager(Guard) of the train. The proper use of alarm chains in trains is critical for ensuring passenger safety and maintaining the punctuality of train services.

 It has been observed that passengers are resorting to misuse of ACP for frivolous reasons like arriving late, alighting/boarding at intermediate stations etc. Misuse of the alarm chain is a punishable offence under section 141 of the Railways Act which 

can lead to serious consequences for the offender. Penalties may include imprisonment for up to one year, a fine of Rs 1000, or both.

Central Railway is keeping a close tab on such unreasonable ACP incidents. During the period April-2023 to June-2024 (till 28.6.2024), Central Railway registered 11,434 cases of misuse of Alarm Chain. 9657 persons were prosecuted u/s 141 of The Railway Act and an amount of Rs.63.21 lakhs were realised as penalty from them.

*Following is the division wise details of no of cases, persons apprehended and fine realised*:

Mumbai Division – 

Cases-4387, Persons apprehended 3741, Penalty amt realized – Rs.23.47 lakh

Bhusaval Division – 

Cases-2931, Persons apprehended 2824, Penalty amt realized – Rs.21.76 lakh Nagpur Division – 

Cases-1706, Persons apprehended 1404, Penalty amt realized – Rs.8.71 lakh

Pune Division – 

Cases-1992, Persons apprehended 1440, Penalty amt realized – Rs.7.73 lakh

Solapur Division – 

Cases-418, Persons apprehended 248, Penalty amt realized – Rs.1.54 lakh

Valid reasons to pull the alarm chain include emergencies such as fire incidents, health emergencies, criminal activities, or accidents during boarding or alighting from the train. These situations require immediate attention from the train crew to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers.

The act of ACP in train not only affects the running of that particular train but also has a cascading effect on the trains following which results in late running of Mail / Express and suburban trains hampering its punctuality. Further the misuse of ACP for the convenience of one or few passengers ends up causing inconvenience to all other passengers.

Passengers should use alternative means for non-emergency situations like approaching the train’s staff, such as the Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE), dial Rail Madad on 139 or seek help from fellow passengers.

Central Railway urges all passengers to plan their journey responsibly by arriving at the station well in advance, at least thirty minutes before the scheduled departure of their train. Arriving early not only ensures a hassle-free boarding process but also contributes to maintaining the punctuality of the train services. 

Central Railway appeals to all passengers to use the alarm chain responsibly and refrain from pulling it except in genuine emergency situations. By adhering to these guidelines, passengers contribute in maintaining the safety, punctuality, and smooth operation of train services.