Pune : Controversy Erupts Over Proposal to Establish Fish and Chicken Market in Market Yard

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In a decision that has sparked controversy, the Agricultural Produce Market Committee on Shivneri Street in Market Yard, Pune, has approved a proposal to allocate space for fish and chicken sales businesses within the market yard’s open area. However, this move has faced strong opposition from the Jain community members residing in the vicinity, leading to a protest march held in protest.

Citizens in the area have expressed their disapproval of establishing a wholesale market, similar to the fish market in Ganesh Peth, at the vacant spot on Shivneri Street within the market yard. 

Concerns have been raised about the disposal of fish market waste and the potential health hazards associated with it, as there is a drain in the area. In response to this decision, locals have reached out to their elected representatives, including MLAs and former corporators.

The proposed plan by the market committee aims to convert the open space into a fish market, which has been met with resistance from the Jain community. A protest march took place at the office of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee in Market Yard on Monday at 10 am, led by Praveen Chorbele, a former corporator of the Market Yard area and former president of the Poona Merchants Chamber.

Critics argue that there is no need to establish a fish market in this location, given the presence of an existing fish market in the area. Prominent businessman Walchand Sancheti has appealed to the newly appointed Board of Directors of the Market Committee to reconsider this decision.

The open space on Shivneri Road currently serves as a parking area for the market yard, accommodating a significant number of buyers. The proposal to allocate this space for the fish market has raised concerns about potential unsanitary conditions in the area. 

Rajendra Bathia, President of The Poona Merchants Chamber, emphasized that a large number of Jain residents reside in the vicinity, further adding to the controversy.

Dilip Kalbhor, Chairman of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee in Pune, clarified that the proposed wholesale fish market would operate for four hours but would not include the sale of chicken. The decision is expected to undergo further scrutiny and debate in the coming days.