Pune Crime News : Masked Thieves Target Petrol Pump In Lohegaon-Wagholi

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Amidst the city’s joyous festivities, a surge in theft and robbery incidents is evident, with a recent alarming episode unfolding at the HP petrol pump situated on the Lohgaon-Wagholi road.

On a Saturday night at approximately 9:30, a group of four individuals executed a daring crime, instilling fear among workers and making off with a substantial sum of Rs. 28,870 in cash.

Rahul Bhimrao Pingle, a Lohegaon resident and an employee at the targeted HP petrol pump, promptly reported the incident, leading to an official case of forced theft registered at the airport police station.

Pingle and his colleagues found themselves in the midst of the criminal act while on duty, as four masked thieves entered the office wielding an iron weapon, creating an atmosphere of intimidation. Employing force, the culprits not only seized Rs. 28,870 from Pingle but also inflicted damage to the mobile phones of his coworkers as they made their escape.

The incident underscores a pressing need for heightened safety and security measures during the festive season, prompting concerns about the city’s overall preparedness to tackle such criminal activities.