Pune : Dhanori Residents Call For Action From PMC To Protect Lake From Pollution

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By: Pune Pulse

September 16, 2023

Pune: Residents of Dhanori are fed up with the dumping of regular garbage in Dhanori Lake which is considered a lifeline in terms of clean water usage etc.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Aarti D, a resident of Amba Nagari Co-operative Society, Dhanori said, ” I have been living here since 2001. During that time, the water was good enough to be purified and supplied for use in society. People (small fishermen) would come down for fishing. It was open from all sides and many suicides took place. However, the suicides decreased after a wall was constructed. But people keep throwing garbage, flowers polluting it as there is no one to guard it and no one bothers to clean it. The dirty water from the Tingre Nagar drainage line also falls into it when it rains heavily.”

Pratibha Dalvi, a resident of Amba nagari Co-operative Society, Dhanori said, “Garbage is thrown continuously from various nearby shops, outlets, commercial institutions etc. The entire patch from Vishrantwadi to Dhanori is laden with garbage which is also dumped in the lake. Tingre Nagar is also plagued by the same issue. It has become very difficult to commute to and fro from these roads. The water of Dhanori Lake is considered to be very clean. However, careless people, chicken & mutton shops etc. keep dumping garbage in it as if it is an area for garbage dumping. Hence, this must stop at any cost permanently and immediately.”

Usha Rao, a resident of Ambanagari Co-operative Society, Dhanori said, “This garbage menace has been here for several years now. People, without caring for anything, simply come & dump waste here. This is a great water resource which is literally getting wasted.”

Shalaka Sutar, a resident of Ambanagari Co-operative Society, Dhanori said,  “It has literally been a headache witnessing garbage dumped in the Dhanori Lake. Dumping has become a very common practice with waste simply lying in the lake & polluting it. No relevant authority has bothered to even come and have a look at the condition of the lake.”

Maithili Manakawad, an active resident and secretary of Wanowrie Residents Forum said, “Dhanori Lake is one of the largest water bodies in Pune. We have been witnessing solid waste, and construction debris being put in the lake. I have been personally seeking help from PMC since 2016 to ensure clean up of the garbage but the civic body has provided only temporary resolutions. During the pandemic, we witnessed construction debris being put into the Dhanori Lake by the site adjacent to Ambanagari and today it is the same case. Seeking help again from PMC officials not only to levy a fine but also to get the miscreants/defaulters to clean what has been put into the lake.”

Sandip Kadam, Deputy Commissioner, and head, PMC Solid Waste Department said, “If there is any waste or garbage dumped in the area or around the lake, we pick it up.”

When Pune Pulse contacted Sunil Tingre, MLA, Vadgaon Sheri constituency, he said, “I shall take it up soon with the PMC.”

Shreyas Vange