Pune Man Shot Over ₹20 Cr Property Feud

Pune man shot in Indore. Click to know details

Pune man shot in Indore. Click to know details

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Indore Cops found two suspects with guns, who were nabbed in Ujjain on Thursday night for shooting a guy named Ganesh Mohite from Pune in the Malharganj area. They admitted to the crime and spilled the beans that Ganesh’s uncle Santosh had hired them for Rs 20 lakh to bump off Ganesh. However, the cops think the whole thing was planned. The real deal will only come out once Santosh spills the beans.

DCP Vinod Kumar Meena mentioned that Ganesh Mohite and his buddy were en route to Ujjain through the city. While they were passing by and stopped to eat breakfast, a person in another vehicle showed up and shot Ganesh before making a quick getaway around 7 am on Thursday. With the help of CCTV footage and the route map, the cops managed to capture the suspects Siddharth and Shailesh in Ujjain.

They spilled the beans to the cops that they were hired by Ganesh’s uncle Santosh to take out Ganesh for Rs 20 lakh and they had already pocketed Rs 5 lakh as an advance. The suspects revealed that Santosh, Ganesh, and his cousin Anil were in a tiff over a property worth Rs 20 crore in Pune, leading Santosh to put a hit on Ganesh. The suspects were found with two guns.

As the investigation unfolded, the cops found some sketchy stuff, hinting that the whole setup might be a frame-up against Santosh. Santosh has been summoned from Pune and is expected to arrive in the city on Saturday.

Meena said that once Santosh opens up, everything will be crystal clear. The cops know about the property dispute in Pune but have a feeling that there’s something fishy going on in this case. They are continuing to question the accused to get to the bottom of things.