Pune Metro To Utilize PMC’s Unused Mechanised Parking Space On J M Road 

Pune Metro To Utilize PMC's Unused Mechanised Parking Space On J M Road

Pune Metro To Utilize PMC's Unused Mechanised Parking Space On J M Road

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In a bid to address parking challenges along Janglee Maharaj (J M) Road, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to hand over an unused mechanised parking lot to Pune Metro. This decision comes after a recent incident where a thief broke into the facility, managing to escape despite a police chase and intervention from the fire brigade.

Initially designed in 2007 as a solution to parking woes with a 20-storey vertical structure capable of accommodating 80 cars, the PMC spent ₹2.4 crore on the ambitious project. However, due to ample street parking availability, the mechanised lot didn’t see much use. In 2015, PMC sealed off the space after illegal use by a private vehicle dealer.

The Pune Metro, facing its own challenges with inadequate commuter parking since launching the Vanaz-Ramwadi route in March 2022, approached PMC for use of the facility. They proposed a revenue-sharing agreement, prompting PMC to reconsider its stance after more than a year.

The recent break-in incident on June 22 escalated matters, leading to PMC’s decision. Despite efforts by the police and fire brigade, the thief managed to evade capture by climbing atop a building within the parking complex.

Srinivas Bonala said, “there are multiple places where the parking has been handed over to the Pune Metro by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) . It will be on a revenue sharing basis with 80:20 formula for revenue sharing.”

PMC will now draft a proposal for the standing committee’s approval, formalizing the handover process. This move aims to support Pune Metro’s efforts in providing adequate parking solutions for commuters along one of Pune’s busiest roads.

As the city evolves, ensuring effective use of infrastructure like the mechanised parking lot on J M Road remains crucial for easing urban congestion and enhancing public transport accessibility.