Pune : MSEDCL Employs Dedicated Officer; 50 Police Personnel Tasked with Traffic Management on Katraj-Kondhwa Road

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PUNE: MSEDCL has assigned Executive Engineer Ravindra Awhad as an independent officer as per the directives issued by Guardian Minister Chandrakant Patil to expedite the progress of the Katraj-Kondhwa Road project.

As per the information provided, 50 traffic police personnel have been appointed for traffic management, along with a coordinating officer for land acquisition, in order to facilitate the road construction. Recently, Guardian Minister Patil inspected the site and acknowledged the challenges faced during the road construction. As a result, he instructed the officials to take necessary actions.

These actions included the requirement for additional police personnel to manage traffic. Officials also highlighted the issues caused by MSEDCL poles, electrical wires, and DPs in the road design. Furthermore, they emphasized the necessity of appointing a nodal officer to streamline the land acquisition process.

In response, the Guardian Minister has ordered the immediate relocation of MSEDCL poles and electrical wires that interfere with the road plan. Additionally, he has instructed the provision of 50 police personnel for traffic control. The relevant agencies have promptly taken appropriate measures.

Guardian Minister Chandrakant Patil commended the efficiency of the Traffic Department, Revenue Department, and MSEDCL. He further directed them to commence work on the road section once the MSEDCL poles and electrical wires are removed and to expedite the land acquisition process as quickly as possible.

Madhupriya Dhanwate