Pune: MSEDCL official from Baramati succumbed after a customer attacked her with a billhook several times

No prepaid smart meters to common consumers

No prepaid smart meters to common consumers

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A senior technician was fatally stabbed 16 times with a billhook by a customer who had come to the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) office in Morgaon, Baramati, to inquire about his excessive electricity bill at home. Police have taken the accused identified as Abhijit Pote into custody.

As per information, Latur native Rinku Bansode (34), has worked at Mahavitaran for the last ten years in the technical department. After taking 10 days off, she returned to work on Wednesday. Around 11:15, Pote questioned Rinku who was alone in the office about the overbilling. The accused struck her hands, feet, and face sixteen times while she was speaking! Rinku was later brought to a private hospital in Pune, where she passed away at around 3 p.m. while receiving treatment for her wounds.

Ratnabai Sopan Pote is the name on the attacker’s electrical bill. For April, his 63-unit usage bill totalled Rs. 570. The issued bill accurately reflects consumption and the updated rate. Mahavitaran adds that there have been no written or online complaints from the consumer over the electricity bill.

The official website of MSEDCL provides various facilities to citizens like Quick Bill Payment, daily/monthly power reports, RTI, etc. People can also file online complaints on the portal.

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