Pune Municipal Corporation launches toll-free helpline number for hospital related complaints

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Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has taken a proactive step towards addressing complaints related to hospitals by launching a toll-free helpline for patients. 

The helpline, with the number 1800-233-4151, will be operational during working hours and aims to provide a platform for patients to report grievances related to hospital services and facilities.

Bhagwan Pawar, head of the PMC health department, stated, “We have started the toll-free helpline for giving complaints of hospital. And accordingly, the action will be taken against the hospital.” This initiative aims to ensure that patients’ complaints are addressed promptly and appropriate actions are taken against hospitals found to be non-compliant with regulations or providing inadequate services.”

The toll-free helpline is expected to streamline the process of addressing complaints related to hospitals. Patients who encounter issues such as lack of proper facilities, negligence, overcharging, or any other grievances related to hospital services can now easily register their complaints through the helpline. The PMC will then take necessary actions and inform the hospitals to take corrective measures.

Hospitals must display this helpline number at prominent places. 

Mrunal Jadhav