Pune News : Lok Adalat to be held in Pimpri on December 9

Pune Pulse Lok Adalat to be organized in Pimpri on December 9

Lok Adalat to be organized in Pimpri on December 9

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By: Pune Pulse

November 21, 2023

Pune: Lok Adalat will be held in Pimpri on December 9. In this, cases of action taken regarding violation of traffic rules in Pimpri as well as various other cases are to be settled through reconciliation and compromise. The Lok Adalat has been organized on behalf of the Pune District Legal Services Authority and the Pimpri Chinchwad Advocates’ Association.

As per information, it is the ancient tradition that if a dispute arises, it should be settled amicably. The impartial people of the village used to settle the disputes in the village. It was called village panchayat. The modern form of the village panchayat is the Lok Nyayalaya or Adalat. In Lok Adalat, various cases are settled through conciliation and compromise. Lok Nyayalaya or adalat will be held in Pimpri to save the time and money of the parties and give them the convenience of justice.

Punitive action is taken by traffic police against motorists who do not follow traffic rules. If this fine amount is not paid in time, a notice is sent to the vehicle owner through the court. Legal action is then taken against the concerned vehicle owner. In order to avoid this action as well as recovery of fines, such cases are settled in the Lok Nyayalaya through compromise.

Shreyas Vange