Pune News : Traffic Congestion and Inconvenience Plague Kharadi Residents as Road Work Remains Incomplete

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By: Pune Pulse

July 19, 2023

Pune: The ongoing road refurbishment and concretization work in Kharadi have caused significant inconvenience and traffic congestion for the residents of Forest County Society. The prolonged duration of the road work has exceeded the initially stated period, leading to frustration among the locals.

Ashok Kulkarni, a resident of Forest County Society, expressed concerns over the extended time taken to complete the road work, which has resulted in inconveniences such as traffic congestion. He mentioned that due to one side of the road being closed to traffic, vendors have set up stalls on the footpath, obstructing the smooth flow of vehicles.

Dnyanesh Dandekar, another resident, highlighted the eight-month duration of the road work, causing significant disruptions to traffic movement. Commuting to nearby places has become time-consuming, affecting school transportation services and causing inconvenience to children.

Mayur Kotak, facing personal difficulties due to the pending road works, shared how his daily commute to his office, located just one kilometer away, now takes around 20 to 25 minutes. He expressed hope for the timely completion of the road work.

Rajendra Misal pointed out that the road work’s impact extends beyond Kharadi traffic, as vehicles from Nagar roadside also use the same route, further exacerbating traffic congestion in the area.

Gagan Gupta expressed frustration with the long-standing road work, emphasizing the challenges it poses for traveling. He urged authorities to provide information on the expected completion date of the project.

Dr. Shashikant Bhange raised concerns about the safety aspect, mentioning that accidents have occurred due to one side of the road being open for traffic. He also highlighted an area in front of Gate no. 1 of the society that has been dug up but left unrepaired for an extended period, emphasizing the need for immediate completion of the works.

Gati Shinde, Chairperson of Forest County Society, urged the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to prioritize the completion of the pending road work near Gate no. 3, as it has become accident-prone. She called for swift action from the PMC to address the issue.

Manoj Dudhankar, Secretary of Kharadi Housing Welfare Association, expressed frustration with the long-pending road work among three societies in Kharadi. He urged the PMC to take notice of the situation and promptly complete the road work.

Deepak Patil, Chairman of Kharadi Housing Welfare Association, voiced concerns about incomplete road works between Forest County and Platino societies. He questioned the PMC’s progress, emphasizing the need for one road to be made fully operational before starting work on another to minimize disruptions for Kharadi citizens.

Pune Pulse attempted to contact relevant PMC officials for comments, but they were unavailable at the time of filing this report.

Shreyas Vange