Pune News : Volunteers Transform Astitva Pratishthan School in Saswad through CSR Initiative

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REHAU, a leading polymer solutions provider, demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility by partnering with Astitva Pratishthan, an NGO dedicated to the development of underprivileged children, in a transformative initiative. On June 17, 2023, several employees from REHAU volunteered their time and skills to renovate and revitalize two classrooms at Astitva Pratishthan’s primary section in Saswad, a village located to the South-East of Pune city.

Astitva Pratishthan focuses on providing holistic education and support to underprivileged children who are often the first-generation learners in their families. Most of these children come from impoverished backgrounds, with many being orphaned. In line with its mission, the NGO offers education, food, shelter, medical care, and physical training to give these children a better start in life.

Recognizing the need for a conducive learning environment, REHAU employees embarked on a thoughtful project to breathe new life into the school’s neglected classrooms. Weeks of planning went into determining the required materials, including paint, brushes, and other supplies. The team also brainstormed various educational and inspiring art ideas that could be painted on the walls.

On the designated day, REHAU volunteers and employees’ family members, embarked on a journey of compassion and creativity. Under the guidance of two professional painters, the volunteers began by whitewashing the classrooms, instantly brightening the spaces. Notably, the initiative embraced inclusivity by involving even the youngest volunteers, with toddlers lending a helping hand.

Following the revitalizing painting session, a heartwarming lunch was shared between the volunteers and the children, providing an opportunity for genuine interaction and bonding. Energized by the nourishing meal, the artists continued with the more intricate aspect of the project. One wall was adorned with a vibrant depiction of the Solar System, while the children eagerly participated in creating a People Tree on another wall, symbolizing unity and growth.

Aligning with the upcoming Indian Monsoon season, the activities extended beyond painting. Saplings of Guavas, Pomegranates, and Figs were planted on the school premises, with the children taking responsibility for nurturing them. This act not only fostered a valuable life-lesson but also deepened the connection between the children and the REHAU volunteers.

REHAU’s CSR initiative at Astitva Pratishthan exemplified the transformative power of collaboration and compassion. “The developing power of education and compassion knows no bounds. Through our partnership with Astitva Pratishthan, REHAU reaffirms its commitment to empowering underprivileged children by providing them with a nurturing environment for holistic development. Together, we strive to unlock the infinite potential within every child, paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.” said Ms. Bhavana Bindra, Managing Director, REHAU, South Asia expressing her gratitude for the efforts.