Pune : PCMC Students Step into Commissioner’s Shoes Today

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Pimpri, 4 September 2023:- In a unique and inspiring initiative unfolded on Monday, September 4 morning, when two students from PCMC schools temporarily took the role of Commissioner, while Commissioner Shekhar Singh himself will don the mantle of teacher. 

This innovative Teachers’ Day initiative aims to bridge the gap between administrative leadership and education at the ground level. The initiative will offer the children valuable insights and knowledge by being engaged in a professional aspiration.

The two students will commence their day by assuming the responsibilities of the Commissioner, getting a firsthand experience of the administrative workings. Their agenda includes a comprehensive review of the PCMC Education Department with additional commissioner Shri Pradip Jambhale-Patil.

Following this, they will make a visit to the Fire Department, where they will receive crucial updates and insights from Assistant Commissioner Vijay Thorat. The day will culminate in an interaction with PCMC Commissioner Shekhar Singh, offering them a holistic understanding of local governance.

Simultaneously, Commissioner Shekhar Singh will visit Indrayani Nagar School and Kalewadi School (Thergaon campus), where he will put on the hat of a teacher for Class 7 students during the morning hours. This job switch gesture underscores the Commissioner’s commitment to education and underscores the importance of encouraging a strong connection between the administration and schools.

This Teachers’ Day initiative is not only an innovative exchange of roles but also a meaningful step towards strengthening the education system in PCMC. It encourages closer collaboration between the administrative body and the schools, fostering a sense of shared responsibility in shaping the future of young minds.