Pune : PMC Issues Guidelines For Upcoming Ganeshutsav and Navratri Celebrations

Pune Pulse Guideline s for Navratri and Ganpati Festivals
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PUNE: In order to celebrate Ganesha and Navratri Festival 2023 in Pune this year with enthusiasm, Mandals have been requested by the Pune Municipal Corporation to follow the rules while celebrating this year’s Ganeshutsav and Navratri.

As per the information provided, permits for Mandal and Arch issued in 2019 will be accepted for the next 5 years. For the mandals who want to celebrate Ganeshotsav or if it is necessary to change the location of the permission in the previous year due to disruption of the project or for other reasons, all the permits for the new location should be obtained through the concerned regional office and the police station office following the prevailing procedure of the year 2019. It is mandatory to obtain a license. No licence fee will be charged by the Pune Municipal Corporation for these permits.

Additionally, all Ganesh Mandals for the year 2019 or newly obtained licences must have plastic on the facade of the mandal or arch. The coating should be applied in an easily visible place. The height of mandalas should not exceed 40 feet. If more than 40 feet of utsav mandap is to be erected, the concerned bodies will be required to attach a stability certificate from an authorised structural engineer for safety reasons. While erecting welcome arches, adjacent roads should be kept clear for the fire brigade, ambulances, passenger buses, etc. Adjacent roads should be kept clear for traffic, and care should be taken to ensure that the height of the arch is not more than 18 feet from the road surface. Volunteers or security guards should be hired as per the requirement.

The Ganesha idols to be installed should preferably be made of environmentally friendly soil. Institutions or individual citizens should celebrate this year’s Ganeshotsav by contributing to environment-friendly activities. Instructions should be followed by citizens issued during the celebration of Ganeshotsav in the city.

After the end of the festival, all the Ganesha Mandals shall immediately remove mandal constructions, idols, and other materials from the roads at their own expense within 3 days and also fill the potholes in the road with cement concrete at their own expense and make the place in good condition.

If the Pune Municipal Corporation deems it necessary to use the licenced venue or if there is a dispute or controversy regarding the venue, the Municipal Corporation reserves the right to cancel the official Mandal Licence issued before the commencement of the festival. High Court Public Interest Litigation No. 173/2010 and all the instructions issued by the government through the circular will be mandatory for all the boards to follow. The board should ensure that there is no disturbance to local residents, pedestrians, or vehicles on footaths from noise pollution.

The Pune Municipal Corporation has provided the facility of registering a complaint through the following websites for citizens to file complaints during the festival period:

Website: http://complaint.punecorporation.org; Toll-Free Number: 1800 1030222. PUNE Connect (PMC Care), WhatsApp No.: 9689900002, Chief Encroachment Office Contact No.: 020-25501398, e-mail-feedback@punecorporation.org,

Complaints received through the above websites will be redressed at all zonal office levels as well as at all local police stations. Ganesh Mandals or citizens should contact the concerned municipal Zonal Offices regarding any difficulties during festivals. This year, too, as in the previous year, the property and management department of the municipality will provide permission for the sale of Ganesha idols in municipal schools in all the zonal office limits. Also, plots will be provided through the Department of Encroachments and Unauthorised Constructions to seasonal business owners at certain places on certain terms and conditions.

 Madhupriya Dhanwate