Pune : PMC takes action against people spitting in Undri Chowk

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Pune : The regional office of the Pune Municipal Corporation in Kondhwa Yeolewadi has taken disciplinary action against four individuals for reportedly spitting while consuming tobacco and tobacco-related products at Undri Chowk.

As per the information provided, Undri Chowk is always bustling, but there are a significant number of people who chew tobacco and betel nuts and spit them out, resulting in unhygienic conditions in the square.

When local residents noticed this issue, they filed complaints with the health department of the Pune Municipal Corporation. In response to these complaints, the Kondhwa-Yeolewadi Area Office, under the guidance of General Assistant Commissioner Dr. Jyoti Dhotre, along with Senior Health Inspector Mangaldas Mane and Health Inspector Raju Dullam, took action against four individuals who were consuming tobacco at Undri Chowk.

Later, they were each fined Rs. 1,000 and educated about the consequences of their actions. During this incident, several individuals were present, including former sarpanch Subhash Takle, Rajendra Bhintade, Health Inspector Umesh Thombare, Sachin Bibve, Abhijit Suryavanshi, Amar Shere, PMC employee Rakesh Dakle, and Vijay Mhaske, Mukadam Dayanand Patole. addressed the gathering and expressed concern about the daily filth at Undri Chowk due to the consumption and spitting of tobacco, which has resulted in the square getting dirty.

While talking to Pune Pulse, Sachin Bibave, Health Inspector, PMC added, ”We have taken group action against people spitting in public areas at Undri Chowk. A total fine of Rs 10,000 has been collected in a day. We urge people not to spit as it spreads many diseases and makes premises dirty.”

Madhupriya Dhanwate