Pune Police Takes Action Against Illegal Goat Markets In Kondhwa

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In preparation for the upcoming Bakri Eid festival, illegal goat markets have been thriving, causing inconvenience and traffic jams. In response, the Pune Police has taken action by issuing a notice to the goat traders, particularly those in Kondhwa, to address these issues.

With Bakri Eid set to be celebrated on June 29, the market is flooded with a large number of goats. Traders from all over the country gather at the Kondhwa market in Pune, leading to the emergence of unauthorized markets. This situation not only inconveniences citizens but also causes significant traffic obstructions. In the previous year, instances of street markets and goats being left on highways further exacerbated the problem, resulting in unhygienic conditions and unpleasant odors that affected the local residents.

In response to citizens’ complaints and the challenges they face, the Pune Police has issued notices to a total of 12 goat traders and market operators under Section 149 of the Criminal Procedure Code. These notices emphasize the need to ensure that goats do not enter the roads and that traffic is managed efficiently during working hours. It is noteworthy that this is the first time such notices have been issued to goat traders, highlighting the seriousness of the issue.

By taking this proactive step, the Pune Police aims to regulate and control the unauthorized goat markets, ensuring a smoother and more organized Bakri Eid celebration for both traders and citizens alike.