Pune: Private schools giving RTE admission to students under scrutiny

Important Update: RTE Admission Results To Be Available From July 20

Important Update: RTE Admission Results To Be Available From July 20

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The education department will now focus on schools that allocate 25% of seats for admissions under the Right to Education (RTE) Act. Authorities will closely monitor how these admissions are conducted and the quality of education provided to admitted students. Upon completion of the admission process, education officials will make surprise visits to these schools, prompting them to remain vigilant.

Education Commissioner Suraj Mandhare stated, “Students admitted under RTE quotas receive differential treatment. Complaints in this regard are directed to the department. Hence, after the completion of the process, concerned schools will undergo sudden inspections.”

The state has received a promising response to the RTE admissions, with 2,42,879 applications for 9,217 schools across Maharashtra. Out of these, 1,05,399 students are expected to secure admissions. The admissions are conducted online to ensure transparency, and authorities urge parents not to harbour any doubts about the process. Mandhare emphasized that any concerns should be promptly brought to the attention of the Education Department for immediate resolution.

Often, forged documents from parents are submitted during this process, prompting the Education Department to adopt stringent measures. Mandhare added, “Inspections will involve meticulous scrutiny of documents submitted for admissions under RTE. Schools will be notified accordingly.”

The education department emphasizes the need for transparency and accountability in the RTE admission process to ensure that deserving students receive their rightful opportunities without any malpractice.