Pune Residents Defrauded in Major Financial Scam: Over 10 Crores Lost

Elderly Man In Pune Targeted By Scammers Pretending To Be CBI Officers, Loses Rs 22 Lakh

Elderly Man In Pune Targeted By Scammers Pretending To Be CBI Officers, Loses Rs 22 Lakh

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In a significant financial scandal, Pune residents and investors from beyond the district have been swindled out of over 10 crores in the notorious Chacha Bhatiji scam. Rakesh Chaturvedi and his niece, Shikha Bharadwaj, are accused of masterminding the scheme, which promised exorbitant returns on investments.

The scam, which unfolded over several years, enticed investors with promises of returns far exceeding those of banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs). “They claimed to offer returns higher than banks and NBFCs, which made their schemes appear lucrative,” lamented one investor who preferred to remain anonymous. Many victims, driven by the allure of high profits, took loans and invested their life savings, only to see their hopes dashed when the promised returns failed to materialize.

Victims initially struggled to file complaints effectively, but law enforcement has now stepped in. A senior official assured stating, “We are committed to investigating this matter thoroughly and will ensure justice prevails. It’s crucial for people to avoid investments promising unrealistically high returns.”

Senior passport officers have also dispelled fears that the perpetrators might flee the country, emphasizing the stringent protocols for passport issuance and international travel restrictions for individuals under police investigation.

Shikha Bharadwaj, who moved to Pune from Lucknow three years ago, had quickly integrated into the local community. Her apparent wealth and luxurious lifestyle, including a rented flat near Khadi Machine Chowk in Kondhwa and a Mercedes, helped her maintain the illusion of financial success.

The company at the heart of the scam, “Wink Cargo,” posed as a legitimate business with a website claiming industry recognition for freight forwarding services. However, authorities warn against being deceived by such facades and stress the importance of due diligence before making any investments.

The Pune Police urge all citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious investment schemes to the authorities. The investigation continues as officials work to bring justice to the victims of this elaborate scam.