Pune: Sinhagad Fort to Get 1.8 km Ropeway, Easing Tourist Access

Pune: Sinhagad Fort to Get 1.8 km Ropeway, Easing Tourist Access

Pune: Sinhagad Fort to Get 1.8 km Ropeway, Easing Tourist Access

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New ropeway to provide quick access to Sinhagad Fort, addressing traffic and landslide issues.

24 June, 2024

Pune: In a move set to transform access to the iconic Sinhagad Fort, authorities have announced the commencement of a 1.8 km ropeway project. The decision comes as a solution to frequent road closures caused by traffic jams and landslides, which have long troubled tourists.

Sinhagad Fort, located near Pune, is a major tourist attraction, especially during the monsoon season and on weekends. The current access route involves a narrow ghat road, often plagued by landslides, leading to periodic closures that last between 10 to 15 days. These closures have caused significant inconvenience for visitors and have prompted calls for a more reliable access route.

The ropeway project, initially a mere concept, has now advanced to the implementation stage. This initiative aims to significantly improve tourist access to Sinhagad Fort, reducing travel time to just four to five minutes. The project, which will be operated by a private company, has received all necessary approvals and is expected to enhance the overall visitor experience.

The ropeway will transport approximately 100 tourists per hour from Atkarwadi to the fort near the Doordarshan TV Tower. This capacity is set to alleviate the pressure on the ghat road and provide a safer, more efficient means of reaching the fort.

Officials have confirmed that all preparations for the project are in place, marking a significant step forward in improving access to the historic site.

The ropeway promises not only to address the current traffic and landslide issues but also to enhance the appeal of Sinhagad Fort as a tourist destination.

With the new ropeway, tourists can look forward to a hassle-free journey to Sinhagad Fort, bypassing the problematic ghat road entirely. This development is expected to boost tourism in the region, providing a reliable and scenic route to the fort, known for its historical significance and stunning views.

The ropeway project at Sinhagad Fort is a much-needed solution to the persistent access issues caused by traffic jams and landslides. As preparations for the project progress, it is set to offer a quick, efficient, and enjoyable way for tourists to visit this historic site, significantly enhancing their overall experience.