Pune : Suspected Scammer from West Bengal Nabbed for Targeting Senior Citizens in Online Medicine Fraud

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Pune police recently apprehended a suspect from West Bengal for allegedly defrauding senior citizens while tracking the delivery of online medicines. The incident occurred in January 2023, when a retired 68-year-old man, formerly with the Railway Department, was monitoring his medicine shipment.

In his search for customer care support, he unknowingly contacted a fraudulent number, where an imposter posed as a company representative. This individual extracted sensitive account information, ultimately scamming the victim out of Rs 1,23,999. The victim promptly reported the incident to Chandan Nagar police station.

Following a thorough investigation, the police successfully traced the movement of the accused to the South Dinajpur district in West Bengal. On 12th May, the authorities arrested the suspect, identified as Sammer Naresh Roy, and recovered the entire fraudulent amount of Rs 1.23 lakh from him.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the critical need for caution while engaging in online transactions. Police officials emphasize the importance of vigilance, particularly among senior citizens who may be more susceptible to such scams. They urge individuals to remain vigilant and adopt preventive measures to safeguard themselves against cyber criminals.