Pune Traffic police to install 550 CCTV cameras 

Pune: The Pune Traffic Police has initiated a survey for the installation of 550 CCTV cameras within the city. These cameras are intended for crime-solving, traffic management, and local police operations. The decision was made in response to the changing shape of the city, with more CCTVs being required to address the increasing graph of street crime in the city.

A committee, headed by Police Commissioner Ritesh Kumar, was formed to oversee the installation of these cameras. The committee inspected key areas and CCTVs in Circle One of the city, and has asked for a report on the existing CCTVs and any necessary changes that need to be made.

According to Vijay Kumar Magar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic Branch, “We are conducting the survey for installation of 550 CCTV cameras within Pune. And the maintenance of this CCTVs are done. These CCTVs cameras are used for crime cases, for law and order and to check traffic violators.”

The new CCTVs will be installed at entry and exit points in Pune, with spots being selected based on vehicle theft, house burglary, chain snatching, and mobile snatching. The inspection will cover all malls, schools, and colleges in the city, as well as crowded and important places.

The inspection is also being conducted with women’s safety in mind, and a report will be submitted regarding the installation of CCTV cameras from this perspective. The survey will determine the required number of cameras at specific locations, and a detailed report will be submitted to the Commissioner of Police.

In addition to new installations, the police are also planning to change the location and angles of some of the existing CCTVs, as they are not providing the necessary information. The angles of all CCTVs in the city will be checked to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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