Pune : Wanowrie’s Bapusaheb Kedari swimming pool seeks immediate attention from PMC 

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Pune : Wanowrie's Bapusaheb Kedari swimming pool seeks immediate attention from PMC

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By: Pune Pulse

November 24, 2023

Pune: Wanowrie’s Bapusaheb Kedari Swimming Pool has been in a very bad condition for a long time thanks to the negligence of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

As per information, in the year 1995, PMC started the Late Bapusaheb Kedari Swimming Pool in Wanowrie for citizens. Citizens and women who come to swim say that the PMC has turned a blind eye towards the maintenance of the pool.

The pool was re-opened after a gap of 6 months in January 2023 –

Cracked tiles, an old filter system installed for the pool and leaking room, chemical storage room, dilapidated light meter room, dangerous switchboard, baby pool, broken bathroom doors, tiles, showers, open shower room water supply, and the toilet are unusable due to broken pipes, rusted sheets in the adjacent toilet which has not been replaced in the past several years.

Swimmers using the facility have demanded that the municipality should resolve the issues and provide better facilities.

When Pune Pulse contacted PMC officials, the officials kept shrugging off their  responsibilities from one department to another.

Kavita Sharma, Rashtriya Life Saving Society, who is managing the pool on a contractual basis said “The RLSS got the entire day to day management of the Bapusaheb Kedari swimming pool from this year i.e. 2023. The pool was in a terrible state when we got the responsibility for it in March. That time, PMC had no budget as they were at the end of their financial year. The condition of the pool was very terrible. Everything had broken out, the suction machine, the pipes etc. It took us 2 months to repair it & even we could do it only with adhesive agents like M-Seal etc. Now, the PMC has sanctioned the budget for the repair work of the pool. I had given a list of equipment, repairs etc to the PMC. Intensive waterproofing needs to be done. Ceilings have fallen down. I hope the PMC works on the repairing part. They take so long. For the last 2 months, the PMC has been just talking about maintaining the pool but nothing is happening. I don’t know when the actual repair works are going to start. Only the day to day management is with RLSS as per the agreement between PMC & RLSS. As far as capital, financing, repair works, construction, waterproofing, maintenance etc remains with the PMC.” 

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