Punekars appealed to join hands to save roadside trees

Punekars appealed to join hands to save roadside trees

Punekars appealed to join hands to save roadside trees - Pune Pulse

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By: Pune Pulse

October 30, 2023

Pune: Recently, the Bombay High Court put a stay on the massive tree felling for Ganeshkhind road widening by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Now, to ensure sustainable development along with preserving the nature of Pune, several Punekars have come together and have planned to send an application to the PMC in which they will accompany PMC officials in various activities as far as chopping off trees and construction of roads. An appeal has been made seeking participation from other Punekars as well.

As per further information, after the Bombay High Court’s order, even though the PMC has stopped cutting the proposed trees on Ganeshkhind Road (105 complete felling, 87 replanting) for the time being, it will soon again follow all the procedures as per the court order such as issuing notices in paper, accepting citizens’ objections and hearing them and finally considering all the trees.

It has come to the notice that PMC is violating two things mainly for this road widening work. The proposed new road will have only 2.5m footpath and the PMC has said that all existing trees will be saved within this 2.5m. But according to IRC Rules, on this 45m road, the footpath should be 6m, while according to the rules of Pune Municipal Roads, it should be 5m. Walking on the proposed footpath of 2.5 m will be troublesome and dangerous for citizens.

Still, citizens are requested to oppose this in any possible way by joining the governance process, citizens should register effective participation and force the administration to work according to the rules.

Pune citizens are encouraged to know & acknowledge their participation by filling out their names here – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nvwqdTKjrrNz31nKL5KVG-lI3XSf_udXCysIx8_4PPI/edit?usp=drive_link

If possible, citizens are requested to remain present for the same purpose on October 30, 2023 (Monday) at the Ghole Road Ward Office at noon or at PMC Main Building at 3 p.m.

For further information, discussions etc, Pune citizens can contact 98220 10009 or 97301 02063

Shreyas Vange