Restrictions Imposed in Pune District’s Historic Sites and Tourist Spots Until July 31

Restrictions Imposed in Pune District's Historic Sites and Tourist Spots Until July 31

Restrictions Imposed in Pune District's Historic Sites and Tourist Spots Until July 31

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Pune, dated 4th: District Collector and Disaster Management Authority Chairman Dr. Suhas Divase has imposed restrictive orders in historical sites, forts, castles, and memorials, tourist spots, and dams across Maval, Mulshi, Haveli, Ambegaon, Khed, Junnar, Bhor, and Velhe talukas until 31st July 2024, ensuring the safety of tourists visiting for monsoon tourism.

Due to the onset of monsoon in Ghats regions of the district, many places have become prone to landslides. Significant numbers of citizens visit places like Bhushi, Mulshi, Bhatakhal, and Khadakwasla dams for monsoon tourism. During weekends, there was considerable crowding from various parts of the state as well as Mumbai and Pune cities. To prevent traffic congestion and ensure orderly conduct, the current orders have been issued.

These orders will be effective in places like Bhushi dam, forts, and castle areas in Maval taluka, Bendewadi and Dahuli (inside Maval), waterfalls and forts areas in Mulshi taluka, Malsej Ghat and forts areas in Junnar taluka, forts and castle areas in Bhor taluka, Bhatakhal dam and forts areas in Velhe taluka, Katludhara waterfalls, Chasakaman dam in Khed taluka, and Bhorgiri Ghat, waterfalls, forest areas, and Kumbhargaon boating area in Indapur taluka.

According to these orders, gathering of more than five persons at the specified places will be prohibited, and activities like swimming in rapidly flowing water, jumping into open water bodies, walking on waterfalls, or staying under water currents will also be banned due to the risks posed by monsoons.

It will also be prohibited to consume alcohol in natural waterfall areas, enter in a drunken state, take any form of photography, enjoy alcoholic beverages, engage in unauthorized alcohol sales, stop vehicles on roadsides in hazardous locations, and dispose of food, waste, glass and plastic bottles, thermocol and plastic literature, and other littering activities in public places.

Any harassment of women in public places, whistling, indecent behavior, creating a nuisance, teasing women, or any other such behavior that causes embarrassment will be strictly prohibited. Playing musical instruments like DJ sets loudly in public places, causing noise pollution that can lead to noise, air, and water pollution, will also be strictly prohibited. Entry of vehicles like motorcycles, cars, trucks, and buses within a 1-kilometer radius of waterfall areas has been restricted. Only vehicles related to disaster management will be allowed.

Anyone violating these orders may be subject to legal action under the Disaster Management Act 2005 and Section 223 of the Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita (Indian Penal Code), 2023.