Shocking incident in Indusind Bank : Man Poses as Bank Employee, Flees with Rs 2 Lakh

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In a shocking incident at a private bank branch in Kondhwa, an unidentified individual managed to steal a staggering sum of Rs 2 lakh by posing as a bank employee.

According to the police, the incident took place in the morning hours when the imposter gained access to the bank premises, dressed convincingly as an official bank staff member. Once inside, he approached unsuspecting customers in the bank’s inner chambers, offering his assistance as an employee.

Akshay Ghate, who had visited the bank to deposit money in his personal account, fell victim to the fraudster. The imposter, pretending to be a bank employee, approached Akshay and offered to help him with the deposit. Trusting the fake employee, Akshay handed over the cash, believing that the accused would assist in a quick deposit. However, to his dismay, Akshay soon discovered that the imposter had disappeared, absconding with approximately Rs 2 lakh in cash.

Local authorities were immediately alerted, and a team of police officers swiftly arrived at the scene to commence an investigation. Utilizing all available resources, the police have launched a manhunt to apprehend the cunning fraudster. The CCTV footage has been analyzed, enabling the identification of the accused. A dedicated team has been assigned to track down and arrest the perpetrator, as confirmed by Santosh Sonawane, senior police inspector, Kondhwa Police station.