Sky sign department removes illegal boards from NIBM road annexe

The Pune Municipal Corporation’s sky sign department demolished the illegal advertisement boards, flex, from Raheja Vista, Ganga Florentina, Imperial Towers, Pristine Viva, Raheja Vista Premiere area of Mohammadwadi.

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The action was taken under the guidance of Sandip Kadam, zonal Commissioner, Pune Municipal Corporation, zone 4, Prasad Katkar, assistant commissioner, Hadapsar ward office, Rajendra Badade, inspector, sky sign department and Anil Dangmali.

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The sky sign department removed over 40 lollipop boards, flex, posters, etc. Residents of the area complained that the PMC didn’t remove all illegal structures being erected in the area. A resident said that PMC should conduct such drives often which gives a strong message to shopkeepers as well as advertisers to not to put up such illegal structures and deface the city. There are still many structures on which these advertisements are erected which needs to be removed by the PMC.

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