SpiceJet Delhi Pune Flight Delayed By Six Hours Due to Technical Issue, Passengers Stranded 

SpiceJet Delhi Pune Flight Delayed By Six Hours Due to Technical Issue, Passengers Stranded 

SpiceJet Delhi Pune Flight Delayed By Six Hours Due to Technical Issue, Passengers Stranded 

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A Delhi-Pune SpiceJet flight, carrying over 100 passengers, faced a significant delay on Tuesday evening after a technical problem was detected just before take-off. Flight SG-8938, scheduled to depart Delhi at 4:45 pm and arrive in Pune at 6:50 pm, encountered a delay of approximately six hours, finally starting at 10:45 pm from Delhi.

Passengers, who had boarded the aircraft by 4:10 pm, were made to wait inside for over two hours after the initial announcement that take-off was imminent. Despite requests for food, they were only provided with water while sitting onboard.

The Spicejet flight from Delhi to Pune in the morning scheduled around 9.30 am also faced delay. An X user posted her experience about the same. 

Passengers were finally deboarded from the aircraft and escorted to the airport terminal, where they were offered food. An airline official confirmed the delay was caused by a technical issue with the aircraft.

The incident highlights the challenges faced by air travelers when flights encounter unexpected delays due to technical faults. Despite the inconvenience, SpiceJet ensured the safety and comfort of its passengers by addressing the issue promptly and providing necessary updates throughout the delay.

Such instances serve as a reminder for airlines to maintain rigorous maintenance standards and for passengers to stay informed about their rights regarding flight delays and compensations.

An X user Pratik Jadhav posted his frustration caused by the airline.  He said that he had a connecting flight from Srinagar to New Delhi and New Delhi to Pune but his return journey was spoilt due to no communication from the airline. He is now demanding a compensation from the airline which costed him an extra Rs 1 lakh. 

He said, “Sir, we had booked 9 tickets from Srinagar – Delhi Flight No. SG -8374 and Delhi- Pune Flight No. Sg-8938 on 30th June. Subsequently flight No. SG-8374 was cancelled by your end and @flyspicejet staff stated that as your vendors donot have any place for accommodation and @flyspicejet cannot schedule our alternative flight on 30th June and 1st of July. And if possible they will try to accommodate us on the flight which was on 2nd of July. Hence being everyone is from a working background we had no choice but to ask for a refund. On 1st July which costs us much more than the earlier flight booked with you. And further we were forced to travel from Mumbai to Pune from our own pocket expense . Due to your bad service we suffered a lot.Hence the total extra amount of Rs. 1,05,066 we spent from our side which includes stay , food and internal travel from hotel to airport and then Mumbai to Pune ( Tickets and other bills attached for your kind reference). as @flyspicejet did not inform about the cancellation of Flight No. Sg-8374. Hence ourselves and our 3 minor children suffered a lot of mental stress and harassment. Hence it is my kind request to @flyspicejet that apart from the refund amount compensation of Rs. 1,05,066.shall be given to us else we have no option but to file a consumer complaint against @flyspicejet for the deficiency in service from your side. Please Note.” 

As air travel continues to recover post-pandemic, incidents like these underscore the importance of effective communication and passenger care during unforeseen circumstances in air transportation.