Tomato price soars in Pune ; supply to retail falls


Tomato price soars in Pune ; supply to retail falls

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Pune : Tomato prices are seeing a steep rise and are being sold between Rs 40 and 60 per kg. It was between Rs 20 and 30 per kg a fortnight ago, as per the quality, in retail stores across the city.

In the wholesale market at the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) in Gultekdi, the prices rose over 150 percent from Rs 5-8 per kg a fortnight ago to Rs 15-20 per kg.

An APMC Pune official said that since a price crash in the first week of August, the prices have increased for the first time in the last three months. They cannot rule out the possibility of a further increase in these prices as the supply is showing a declining trend.

A Kothrud resident said that tomatoes and onions are the most essential ingredients in the kitchen. Now that the prices have gone up in the last few days, it is difficult to manage the home budget.

A similar trend is witnessed in the Narayangaon market, one of the biggest tomato markets in the state. According to the officials, a 20-kg crate is auctioned for between Rs 400 and Rs 600.

The officials at the Narayangaon market said that due to rainfall in the first week of November, tomato plantations were badly affected.

A Narayangaon market official stated that at the plucking state, the crops were severely damaged due to the rainfall. It impacted the supply. Now, they are getting less than 4,000 crates per day where they used to get 6,000 crates per day during this period of the year.

A resident said that vendors sell all vegetables at high prices. Except for a couple of occasions, she has always bought tomatoes at Rs 50 per kg. Now, the prices will further increase. It is difficult for consumers to understand vegetable market dynamics.

Shreyas Vange