Traffic Diversion Announced Due To Government At Your Doorstep Initiative To Be Held in Jejuri

Pune Pulse Traffic Diverted

Pune traffic police issues diversion from Shivaji Nagar to Aundh road due to Metro flyover work

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Pune, July 19 : In preparation for the ‘Shasan Apya Dari’ and Jejuri Development Plan Bhumi Pujan programs in Jejuri, Purandar taluka on 23rd July, significant traffic diversions have been announced.

With a large number of beneficiaries expected to attend the event using buses and vehicles from the State Transport Corporation, traffic adjustments have been implemented to prevent congestion. The announcement was made by Rajesh Deshmukh.

To ensure smooth traffic flow on 23rd July from 5 AM to PM, National Highway no. 965 from Pune to Pandharpur and heavy, bulky, and other traffic on the Pune to Baramati route will be closed and diverted to alternative routes.

Within Jejuri Police Station, Pune Rural Area:

All heavy vehicles and vehicles traveling from Satara, Phaltan, Lonand, Baramati to Pune and heading to Jejuri Saswad will face complete closure. These vehicles will be rerouted via Pune-Solapur Highway No. 65, passing through Nira-Morgaon-Supa to Kedgaon Chauphula and then directed towards Pune. Traffic from Pune to Baramati will be completely halted and rerouted via Baramati-Phaltan-Satara using the Belsar-Kothale-Nazre Supe-Morgaon road.

Vadgaon Nimbalkar Police Station, Pune Rural Border Traffic: Traffic originating from Baramati and the Neera side heading towards Pune through Jejuri will be completely stopped and redirected to Pune via Morgaon-Supa-Kedgaon Chauphula on Pune-Solapur Highway No. 65.

Saswad Police Station, Pune Rural Haveli: Heavy vehicles, and other traffic traveling from Pune through Jejuri towards Phaltan-Satara will face complete closure. These vehicles will be rerouted via Satara-Phaltan or Saswad-Veer Phata-Parinche-Veer-Vathar to Lonand.

Traffic restrictions will be temporarily lifted for vehicles attending the ‘Shasan Apna Dari’ program on July 23. Citizens are urged to take note of the traffic changes and cooperate accordingly.