Uber Customer Stunned by ₹ 7.66 Crore Bill for Auto Ride in Noida

Uber Customer Stunned by ₹ 7.66 Crore Bill for Auto Ride in Noida

Uber Customer Stunned by ₹ 7.66 Crore Bill for Auto Ride in Noida

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A customer in Noida was shocked to receive a bill of ₹7.66 crore from Uber India for what was supposed to be a routine auto ride costing just ₹62. 

The incident, which went viral on social media, prompted an apology from Uber’s customer support team.

In a bizarre incident in Noida, an Uber customer named Deepak Tenguriya was left astounded after receiving a bill of ₹7.66 crore for what was meant to be a simple auto ride costing only ₹62. The incident gained attention after Deepak’s friend Ashish Mishra shared a video clip of the exorbitant bill on social media platform X (formerly Twitter).

In the viral video, Deepak can be seen displaying his phone screen, showing the shocking bill amount of ₹7,66,83,762. The breakdown revealed that the trip fare alone amounted to ₹1,67,74,647, while an additional ₹5,99,09189 was charged for waiting time. A meagre ₹75 was deducted as a promotion cost.

Expressing disbelief, Deepak argued that waiting charges should not apply since the driver did not have to wait for him. 

The incident sparked widespread attention on social media, with netizens expressing shock and amusement at the astronomical bill for a seemingly ordinary auto ride.

Ashish Mishra, in his post sharing the video, humorously remarked that Uber had made Deepak so rich that he was contemplating buying an Uber franchise. He quipped about the absurdity of becoming a crorepati loanee by booking an auto ride for just ₹62.

Read some users comments here:

“Ashish bhai mera bhi 2.28cr aya hai”

Following the uproar on social media, Uber India’s Customer Support issued an apology, assuring Deepak that they were investigating the matter. The official response stated that they would provide an update once they resolved the issue.

The incident highlights the potential glitches in digital platforms and the unexpected challenges customers may face. While humorous in retrospect, it underscores the importance of addressing customer concerns promptly and transparently in the age of digital transactions.

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