Uniting for Safety: Citizens and Pune Traffic Police Collaborate to Reduce Accidents in Mohamadwadi

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In recent days, there has been a noticeable surge in accidents occurring within the Mohamadwadi, Pune. The primary culprit behind these incidents is the frequent movement of cement mix-laden trucks and water tankers in the area. The continuous overloading of these vehicles has resulted in cement spilling onto the roads, subsequently leading to accidents. The main accident spots are Nyati Chowk, Corinthians Club and Country Club roads in Undri.

Taking proactive measures to combat this issue, members of the Nyati County Residents Forum, representing the local community, convened a crucial meeting.

The joint initiative was planned by Balaji Salunkhe, Assistant Police Inspector, Handewadi Traffic Division and Renuka Suryavanshi, Pune Pulse Newsportal with presence of many active members of the area Ashish Gupta, Suniel Iyer, Bharat Bhatia and Sanjiv Chimnani, supported by Deepa Cheema, Durga Iyer and many others.

The participants included private water tanker owners, drivers, owners of Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) trucks, and their drivers. This significant assembly took place at the Handewadi Traffic Division office in Mohamadwadi.

The initiative was a collaborative endeavor between the NCRF members and Assistant Police Inspector Balaji Salunkhe and his dedicated team from the Handewadi Traffic Division. During the meeting, area residents voiced various concerns related to the operation of these hefty vehicles. These concerns encompassed excessive speeding, failure to secure water tanker openings, overloading, ill-maintained water tanker nozzles, reckless driving, and the hazardous use of mobile phones while operating vehicles. Similar apprehensions were raised regarding the transportation of cement concrete mix. The participants took the opportunity to educate the drivers and vehicle proprietors about these concerns.

In response to the community’s inquiries, the owners and drivers of the tankers exhibited a commitment to adhere strictly to the guidelines outlined in the Motor Vehicle Act. Additionally, they pledged to reduce the amount of material loaded onto both water tankers and RMC trucks. The outcome of this dialogue instilled a sense of optimism among the residents. The owners also informed that strict action can be initiated against reckless drivers for causing menace in the area.

A comprehensive review meeting has been scheduled to take place within the upcoming two weeks. During this session, the effectiveness of the measures implemented will be evaluated, and further strategies to ensure road safety in Mohamadwadi will be devised.

Renuka Suryavanshi