Unlocking the Power of Plant-Based Breakfasts: A High-Protein Recipe to Keep You Energized

Unlocking the Power of Plant-Based Breakfasts: A High-Protein Recipe to Keep You Energized

Unlocking the Power of Plant-Based Breakfasts: A High-Protein Recipe to Keep You Energized

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In the quest for a breakfast that not only fuels the body but also delights the palate, UK-based nutritionist Dominique Ludwig has a solution that promises to keep cravings at bay. Through her Renew Reset Recharge Program, Ludwig aims to help individuals manage weight, digestion, diabetes, DNA, and autoimmune issues. In a recent social media post, she shared an easy-to-make, plant-based breakfast that is packed with approximately 28 grams of protein, designed to keep you full and energized throughout the morning.

Ludwig’s high-protein breakfast is a blend of simple, wholesome ingredients that work together to nourish the body and support overall health. She begins with two tablespoons of chia seeds, soaked in almond milk until they thicken into a rich, pudding-like consistency. Chia seeds are a powerhouse of prebiotic soluble fiber, which fosters a healthy gut microbiome by nourishing beneficial gut bacteria.

Next, Ludwig adds 150 to 200 grams of high-protein yogurt. She recommends using Greek yogurt, specifically the 2% fat variety from the brand Fage, which provides about 10 grams of protein per 100 grams. This yogurt is not only high in protein but also contains live bacteria that support gut health.

To this mixture, she adds a handful of blueberries. These vibrant berries not only enhance the flavor and color of the breakfast but also pack a punch of polyphenols and antioxidants. Polyphenols are known to increase the numbers of lactobacillus bacteria in the gut and offer powerful antioxidant benefits that support the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

The final touch to this nutritious breakfast is a topping of peanut or almond butter. These nut butters add a dose of healthy fats and protein, further enhancing the meal’s satiety factor. Ludwig emphasizes the importance of letting the chia seeds soak adequately to ensure they absorb enough liquid, creating a satisfying texture.

Ludwig highlights that starting the day with a high-protein breakfast can significantly improve appetite control, mood, and energy levels. It helps reduce mid-morning cravings for less nutritious snacks like muffins, chocolates, or cappuccinos. By carefully selecting ingredients, it’s possible to meet protein needs without relying on animal products or protein powders.

“Having a higher protein breakfast can really help to balance appetite, mood, energy as well as helping to reduce food cravings throughout the morning,” Ludwig explains. “This means that eating a balanced breakfast can naturally help us maintain our weight more easily, well nourishing us at the same time. It’s not about eating less, it’s about eating smarter.”

For those looking to enhance their morning routine, Ludwig’s plant-based breakfast offers a quick, easy, and nutritious solution. It embodies the principle that mindful eating and smart ingredient choices can lead to better health outcomes and a more energized start to the day.