Vehicle Diversion on Pune Mumbai Expressway Planned To Tackle Congestion

Pune: In a bid to address the increasing traffic congestion on the Pune Mumbai Expressway, the traffic authorities have devised a plan to divert vehicles. 

Under this proposed plan, all vehicles will be directed to the Mumbai-bound carriageway of the Expressway once congestion reaches a critical point beyond the Amrutanjan Bridge and Magic Point. This diversion will be implemented starting from the Pune-bound carriageway, aiming to alleviate the traffic burden.

Officials have identified the stretch between Amrutanjan Bridge and Magic Point as a congested area due to its gradient, causing vehicles to slow down significantly. This particular section, known as the Boregard section, has become a notorious bottleneck on the Expressway. 

As a result, the authorities have decided to implement the diversion plan primarily on weekends and extended holiday periods, targeting times when traffic volume is expected to be high.

To facilitate the diversion, traffic will be rerouted to the Khandala tunnel and Barghat stretch of the Mumbai Mount carriageway. 

Regular movement in this district will be temporarily blocked to accommodate the redirected vehicles. The frequency of these diversion blocks will be determined based on the prevailing traffic conditions, as assessed by the officials.

Commuters are urged to stay informed about the prevailing traffic conditions before embarking on their journeys.

Officials recommend checking traffic updates through reliable sources such as Google Maps or contacting the Maharashtra Highway Police. Being aware of the current traffic situation will help travelers plan their trips more efficiently and avoid unnecessary delays.

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