Viral Video: Red Ant Chutney Preparation Garners Millions of Views

Viral Video: Red Ant Chutney Preparation Garners Millions of Views

Viral Video: Red Ant Chutney Preparation Garners Millions of Views

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A viral video showcasing the step-by-step preparation of the unique red ant chutney has taken the internet by storm, highlighting the traditional delicacy of Odisha, Chhattisgarh, and surrounding areas.

India, renowned for its diverse culinary heritage, boasts a variety of chutneys, each reflecting the unique flavors of its regions. Among these, the red ant chutney stands out for its unusual ingredients and preparation method. Recently, a video depicting the meticulous process of making this delicacy in Chhattisgarh has gone viral on Instagram, amassing over 25 million views.

The video, shared by the an Instagram user, provides an in-depth look at how this extraordinary chutney is made. The vlogger offers a detailed voiceover, explaining each step involved in the preparation.

The process begins with the challenging task of harvesting red ants from a tree. The vlogger notes that this is “the biggest task.” Once collected, the ants and their eggs are placed in a container and carefully separated from other materials. The video shows a woman sorting the ants and occasionally eating them live, which the vlogger mentions is common in the area.

The next step involves gathering the ingredients for the chutney. On a traditional grinding stone, the woman combines dried red chillies, garlic, and chopped onions, grinding them together by hand. After achieving the desired consistency, she adds the ants and their eggs to the mixture, completing the chutney. The vlogger tells the chutney is popular among both children and adults in the region. He also mentions that it is believed to have health benefits, particularly for those with a fever.

Odisha’s red ant chutney, known locally as “kai chutney,” received the prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) tag on January 2, 2024. This recognition highlights the cultural and geographical significance of the chutney, which uses red weaver ants found in the forests of Mayurbhanj, including the Similipal forests, Asia’s second-largest biosphere.

The viral video has sparked widespread interest and appreciation for this traditional dish spotlighting on the rich and varied culinary practices of India.