Wakad corporator raises irregularities in BRTS project ; conducts survey from Mukai chowk to Sangvi Phata

Prachi Bari
Bus Rapid Transport System (BRTS) in Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has been ready since 2015, but the recent tender issued had corporators question the motive when the budget cost of tarring, aligning chambers and building new footpaths raised to Rs 100 crores ?

Rahul Kalate, and Prashant Shitole, corporators recently took a bus ride along the 14 km long stretch of the BRTS from Sangvi phata until the end to Kiwale.

We are not against the development of the road or the BRTS project but when the road has not been used nor does it need any repairs, why is the PCMC in a hurry to spend Rs 30 crores for tarring of the road ? Another Rs 40 crores has been set aside for alignment of chambers along the BRTS, but where are they?,” questioned Kalate.

The corporator had already requested the PCMC standing committee to reply to his queries but until now, there has been no response.
“The tender notice in the newspaper invites applications for three tenders of upto Rs 100 Crores, but it seems strange to spend so much money on a perfectly good road. I have taken a ride along the entire BRTS route and there is not a single bump or a pothole,” added Kalate.

Kalate also pointed out that under the smart street design, the PCMC is also planning to create smart footpaths along with cycle tracks. “The PCMC plans to spend Rs 16 crores on creating these footpaths, which are going to take 7 metres each of the road and I find it a waste of motorized space.”

The patch where they are creating an example of this footpath is along the defence land and Kalate stressed, how many people actually use this side of the road along the Sangavi phata? He also said that these footpaths will not be helpful in congested areas like Dange Chowk and Kalewadi.

Speaking to the media Shrikant Savane, joint city engineer, BRTS Cell, said, ‘Sangavi – Kiwale 45 and 30 meters wide BRTS route has been developed as per the DP road plan in 2007 with due tendering process. The road development and resurfacing between Jagtap dairy and Kiwale Mukai chowk was completed in 2012. The repair and maintenance period for the road is for 3 years after completion of the work, which is over. It has been nine years that the road has been developed and after that several times the road has been dug up for laying of cables, drainage pipes, high tension wires, service lines, gas pipeline, water lines, etc. Also, with the construction of three flyovers and three sub ways from Jagtap Dairy chowk to Dange chowk led to deterioration of the road condition. Due to continuous ongoing road work, the riding quality of the road has deteriorated and in the roughness test, the roughness index was noted to be high which means that resurfacing is needed. To carry out the repair of the road and to build footpaths tenders have been released and further action is being proceeded.’    

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