Weather Update : Farmers Forced to Sell Livestock in Purandar Village Due to Water Scarcity

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Several farmers in Takrarwadi village of Purandar Taluka are forced to sell their cattle & livestock due to water scarcity, loss in farming, leading to no affordability of meeting daily needs of their families, no fodder for cattle and many more.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Baburao Khengare, Farmer & Sarpanch of Takrarwadi Village, Purandar Taluka, said “Water scarcity has become a major issue for many farmers of the village. We are suffering with heavy losses in farming due to this. Because of this issue, we are not able to afford daily feeding to our families. Also, the situation has worsened so much that we cannot afford to buy fodder to feed our cattle. Hence, we have no other choice but to thinking of selling our cattle to afford & fulfil our basic needs.”

As per further information, Takrarwadi is forty kilometers from Pune City. Farmers in Takrarwadi have various challenges and one such issue is the availability of water.

Rotary Club of Pune Amanora and many other NGOs have always tried to solve the issue to a large extent, but the lack of rainfall for the last year has made the condition miserable.

Manju Rastogi, President of the Rotary Club of Pune Amanora, said “We need to save these farmers and cattle for now. The unprecedented crisis due to lack of rain requires immediate attention from Social Organizations as well as Government and we need to do something”.

Hence, the Takrarwadi village & Rotary Club of Pune Amanora has appealed to all organizations, NGOs etc to contribute from their end & help the farmers as well as the State Government to provide compensation or aid to the village to compensate losses of the farmers.

Shreyas Vange