Zika Virus Symptoms And Remedy To Tackle Them

Pune Records 24 Patients Of Zika Virus 

Pune Records 24 Patients Of Zika Virus 

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Chetna Raja

The city of Pune is on alert following the detection of Zika virus in a pregnant woman, despite her showing no symptoms. Medical experts have placed her under careful observation to monitor potential risks to her unborn child. Seven cases have been reported in the city in last few days. 

Understanding Zika Virus:

Zika virus, primarily spread by mosquitoes, poses significant health risks and can quickly spread within communities if not managed effectively. Prompt treatment is crucial to prevent complications.

Transmission and Local Impact:

Doctors believe the woman likely contracted the virus from someone in her community, where several cases have already been reported. This highlights the virus’s ability to spread locally and underscores the importance of preventive measures.

Risk to Pregnancy:

There is concern that Zika virus can be transmitted to the fetus during pregnancy, potentially causing severe health issues. Regular monitoring and medical interventions, including ultrasound scans, are essential to manage the situation and reduce risks.

Symptoms and Prevention Strategies:

Typical symptoms of Zika virus include joint pain, headache, and red eyes. To prevent infection, residents are advised to eliminate stagnant water, wear protective clothing, and avoid areas with known Zika cases. Pregnant women in affected areas should take extra precautions and undergo regular health checks.


As Pune addresses this emerging health issue, authorities stress the importance of public awareness and proactive measures. Monitoring pregnant women diagnosed with Zika is critical to safeguard maternal and fetal health amidst ongoing concerns. Vigilance and adherence to preventive guidelines are key to controlling the spread of Zika virus in the community.