₹ 3 Lakh Allegedly Paid to Alter Blood Sample of Pune Porsche Teen: Sources

₹ 3 Lakh Allegedly Paid to Alter Blood Sample of Pune Porsche Teen: Sources

₹ 3 Lakh Allegedly Paid to Alter Blood Sample of Pune Porsche Teen: Sources

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In a shocking turn of events, sources have disclosed that a ₹3 lakh bribe was paid to alter the blood test report of the 17-year-old accused in the Pune Porsche crash case. The peon, Atul Ghatkamble, acted as the middleman, collecting the bribe from the teen’s family and handing it over to the doctors involved.

Dr. Ajay Tawade and Dr. Hari Harnor from Sasoon Hospital, along with Atul Ghatkamble, have been arrested by the Pune Crime Branch. Atul Ghatkamble allegedly facilitated the transaction of ₹3 lakh to the doctors from the teen’s family to manipulate the blood sample.

Blood Sample Manipulation: Dr. Tawade and the minor’s father communicated on the day of the accident, leading to the replacement of the teen’s blood sample with that of a doctor to remove traces of alcohol.

Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar stated that the blood sample collected at Sasoon Hospital and sent for forensic tests was not of the juvenile accused. The sample was replaced under the instructions of Dr. Ajay Tawade.

Despite the altered blood sample showing no traces of alcohol, CCTV footage from a bar confirmed that the minor had been drinking with friends on the night of the accident.

The crash occurred in the early hours of May 19 in Pune when the speeding Porsche, driven by the 17-year-old, collided with a motorcycle. Two young IT professionals, Ashwini and Aneesh, were killed instantly due to the impact.

The Porsche was allegedly traveling at over 200 km per hour when it hit the bike, causing severe injuries and immediate fatalities to the two riders.

Dr. Tawade has reportedly hinted during the investigation that the blood sample swap was orchestrated to hide alcohol consumption by the minor. He has expressed a willingness to reveal all parties involved in the tampering.

This case has raised serious concerns about the integrity of medical professionals and the extent of corruption in handling legal evidence. The investigation continues as authorities seek to uncover the full extent of the bribery and ensure justice for the victims of the tragic crash.