2 members of ‘Chaddi Gang’ stole Rs 7 lakh from Miyapur school

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On Saturday night, two members of the Chaddi Gang broke into a well-known school in Miyapur and took away Rs 7 lakh in cash from the school. An almirah was broken in order to steal the cash from the admissions block. The CCTV camera captured the two hefty-looking men moving about inside the structure.

Rs 7,85,000 in cash was taken by the robbers from the counter. Based on the video captured by the CCTV camera, Miyapur police are conducting an investigation. CCTV cameras captured the crime. In the video, two masked criminals who are dressed in gloves and underwear break into the school and look through a table for valuables. The administration of the school filed a complaint, and the police then began their investigation.

According to Miyapur School, there are several entry and exit points. After making it inside the building, the accused pried open the door with force. Afterwards, they forcibly opened the almirah and stole money from it.

The “chaddi gang” members frequently reappear in various locations, particularly in the outskirts of Hyderabad, where they carry out thefts using a similar technique. One such gang was observed in a Madhapur gated community in August last year. The gang was also discovered to be active in the surrounding Andhra Pradesh, on the outskirts of Tirupati.

The police think that these gangs are made up of people from different states. They frequently target abandoned homes and business buildings outside of towns and cities.

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