30 women artists exhibit art work at Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery 

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A woman’s spirit is a force that inspires and articulates beyond ordinary words or actions. To express it quintessentially is probably an impossible task, but art always strives to justify it. ‘Voices of Resilience’ is another such attempt. 

Hosted by Art Pune Foundation and curated by Priyamvada Pawar, the exhibition features the artworks of thirty women artists hailing across India. Inaugurated in the hands of former MLA Yashomati Thakur on International Women’s Day, the exhibition is being held at Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery until March 12. 

Describing the exhibition as a resilience against excuses and the preconceived frailty of women, Priyamvada says that women need to stop underestimating themselves and start making time for their passion. Comparing yourself to anyone is never constructive, but rather a way to form excuses that hold us back. 

The exhibition spotlights the inner strength and endurance women have. It not only presents paintings but also showcases glassworks, textiles, sculptures, etc. It features promising as well as experienced artists to bring in a variety of female perspectives that exist today. 

When asked Priyamvada the reason for this, her response was that women face a diverse range of experiences that could only be expressed through various mediums of arts. The more mediums and perspectives, the more it unveils the distinctiveness of womanhood. 

The essence of the exhibition is to highlight how despite our individual stories, the common strength of womanhood is the victories- the victories of coming up stronger than ever before. Its aim is to encourage women to follow their path and to spread optimism because, for Priyamvada, creativity is always positive. To create something this beautiful and thought-provoking no matter what the inspiration becomes a source of hope for many. 

When asked about Pune’s art scene, she describes the city as a canvas for newcomers. It has become a forte for artists and buyers alike. 

Gone are the days when people travelled to other cities for art, rather Pune itself has become a cultural hub of Maharashtra. Priyamvada’s words for aspiring artists are to travel, research and keep practising. She believes that hard work will take you anywhere and everywhere you want. 

Having a hobby isn’t merely entertainment, but a form of meditation to keep in touch with yourself. Don’t forget to visit ‘Voices of Resilience’ free of cost at Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery before you miss it! 

Shriya Simran Pradhan