4 new elevators to be installed at Pune railway station

4 new elevators to be installed at Pune railway station

4 new elevators to be installed at Pune railway station

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 In a recent survey conducted by Pune Railway division officials in 2022, it was highlighted that the installation of elevators was urgently needed at various platforms. Responding to this need, a proposal was swiftly sent to higher authorities for approval.

According to the proposal, elevators will be strategically placed at different locations within the Pune railway station. These locations include platform No. 1, between platforms 2 and 3, between platforms 4 and 5, and near platform No. 6, adjacent to the Pune Metro station.

Indu Dubey, the Pune Railway Divisional Manager, confirmed that the tender process for the installation of these four lifts has been successfully completed. Furthermore, funds have been secured from the Railway Board to facilitate this crucial infrastructure upgrade.

“We have received the necessary funds and are prepared to commence the actual installation work promptly at the Pune railway station,” stated Indu Dubey.

This initiative aims to enhance accessibility for passengers, especially those with mobility challenges, ensuring a more convenient and comfortable travel experience. The provision of elevators at key locations within the station will significantly ease the movement of passengers, reducing reliance on stairs and escalators.

The introduction of these elevators aligns with the broader goal of modernizing railway infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of passengers. It reflects the commitment of the Pune Railway division to prioritize passenger convenience and inclusivity.