400 bamboo saplings planted near Hills N Dales in Undri

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Over 400 Bamboo saplings were planted near Hill N Dales society in Undri. The saplings were planted along the nala side which is located opposite to the society.

The residents for a long time struggled to keep the people away from dumping waste in the nala which soon became a dumping spot. Inspite of cleaning up, the problem did not resolved. It was then the residents of Hill N Dales decided to take up the initiative of installing boards urging people not to litter. The boards were fixed last week. This week taking a step further the residents decided to plant Bamboo saplings which will help in holding the soil from the banks of the nala and also ensure that the spot remains green.

The initiative of cleaning, installing boards urging people not to litter, throw garbage was taken by the residents of Hills N Dales Society in Undri.

Members of AnandVanMitraMandal supported greatly in this initiative of planting the saplings at the location. Social activist from Undri, Rajendra Bhintade has always stood with the residents of the area to support good initiatives.

Jayashree Ganesh from Hills N Dales society said, “We have been dealing with the garbage mess around Hill N Dales for a long time. We had several clean up drives but people did not stop littering, hence we decided to plant trees. I urge that people should handover only segregated waste to the PMC and also ensure that plants are nurtured. I am happy that atleast we made a start to keep Undri Clean and Green.”

Nafisa Kakajiwala, another resident of Hills N Dales said, “We are happy that finally we will see something better. When we shifted here it was the most pristine area of Pune. We will ensure that it remains the same. We urge to people that they should not litter anywhere.”

Rajendra Bhintade, a social activist from Undri said, “The stretch between Hills N Dales and Palace Orchard has become a dumping yard. The residents together decided to clean up and plant trees. This is one step in making Undri Clean and Green. I am happy that I could help them in this initiative. The roadside area was cleaned with the help of PMC staff.”

Anandvan Mitra Mandal members ensured that the saplings were planted to make the area Green. The drive saw presence of Czarina Bhojwani, Parveen Tambe, Nergesh F, Chaitali Mutha, Sameep Mutha, Khushi Nagwani, Nafisa Kakajiwala, Bhupesh Sharma, Parveen Kumar, Shashikant Punekar, Dada Kad, Akshay Takle, Hanumant Ghule, Tushar Bhintade, Vitthal Bhintade, Lalchand Bhintade, Dr Ashwin Khilare, Vishal Pawar, Ramesh Varyani, Jayashree Ganesh and others.

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