7 unexplored beaches of Goa you must visit 

7 unexplored beaches of Goa you must visit 

7 unexplored beaches of Goa you must visit - Pune Pulse

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By: Pune Pulse

November 4, 2023

Pune : Goa, a destination known for its lively beach culture, vibrant nightlife, and harmonious fusion of Indian and Portuguese influences, is a land of sun, sea, and sky. While some famous shores attract revelers, there are hidden gems in Goa that offer pristine and tranquil beaches, untouched by footprints, where the symphony of waves dominates the soundscape.

These unexplored beaches provide a sanctuary for both adventurous travelers and those seeking solitude, offering an authentic Goan experience and a glimpse of the extraordinary away from the usual tourist spots. Whether you find solace in the whispers of the ocean or take joy in a peaceful stroll along a secluded coastline, this carefully curated list is tailored for you. From the secluded coves that serve as nesting grounds for Olive Ridley turtles to the serene stretches where the only company you’ll find are fluttering butterflies and local fishermen, each of these seven beaches tells a unique and untold story of Goa.

Galgibag Beach- Located in the peaceful south of Goa, Galgibag Beach provides a secluded escape where time appears to slow down. The beach’s unique black sand, which shimmers in contrast to the crystal-clear blue waters, creates an otherworldly atmosphere. Galgibag Beach is a sanctuary for the endangered olive ridley sea turtles, who frequently choose this quiet stretch for their annual nesting, making it a privileged location for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers who appreciate the unspoiled beauty of the environment.

At Galgibaga Beach, visitors can enjoy peaceful and serene activities. The warm embrace of the Arabian Sea is perfect for swimming, and the waters are welcoming and safe. Sunbathers can relax on the beach’s pristine sands without the interruption of vendors and bustling crowds. For nature enthusiasts, turtle-watching during the nesting season is an unforgettable experience, and the surrounding area offers excellent bird watching opportunities, with a variety of local and migratory species to be seen. This beach does not offer the typical tourist amenities but instead provides a rare sense of tranquility. The absence of commercial establishments ensures that your experience at Galgibag Beach remains intimate and personal, making it one of the unexplored beaches of Goa that allows you to witness the state’s natural splendor in its most authentic form.

Cola Beach: A serene haven nestled away from the well-trodden paths of South Goa lies the enchanting wonder of Cola Beach, a haven that captivates with its breathtaking surroundings and secluded ambiance. Surrounded by a lush green canopy and bordered by a tranquil freshwater lagoon, this hidden treasure embodies the essence of a tranquil escape. Cola Beach emanates a relaxed atmosphere, drawing in those in search of respite from the chaos of the world. Explorers of Cola Beach are greeted by a landscape that defies the conventional perceptions of Goa. The soft sands beckon sun worshippers who crave solitude, while the crystal-clear, serene waters entice swimmers to take a refreshing dip away from the crowds. Adventurous souls can embark on treks through the tropical backdrop or establish a campsite to fully immerse themselves in the unspoiled environment. Yoga and meditation find their natural sanctuary here, where the only sounds that may be heard are the rustling of leaves and the gentle flow of water from the lagoon.

Agonda Beach- It is renowned for its tranquil atmosphere and is often hailed as one of the most exquisite beaches in Asia. With its vast expanse of golden sand, this serene coastline in South Goa offers a stark contrast to the bustling and commercialized beach experiences. It serves as an idyllic retreat that beckons visitors to unwind and reflect, away from the crowds that flock to the more popular Goan beaches. The activities available at Agonda Beach cater to those seeking peace and relaxation. Visitors can partake in kayaking, embark on leisurely boat trips to spot dolphins, or simply bask in the sun’s comforting rays. The beach’s ample space ensures that there is always a quiet spot available, making it an ideal location for sunbathing or enjoying a tranquil picnic with loved ones. The local community surrounding Agonda Beach is dedicated to preserving its pristine beauty, guaranteeing that a visit here remains an encounter with nature in its purest form. It truly epitomizes the unexplored beaches of Goa, providing an opportunity to reconnect with the natural elements and embrace the unhurried pace of Goan life.

Butterfly Beach- A hidden gem tucked away in Goa, can only be reached by boat or a challenging hike down a steep trail. This secluded paradise, located south of Palolem beach, is a well-kept secret that captivates all who visit. The beach derives its name from the countless butterflies that flutter around, adding to its enchanting ambiance. Surrounded by a lush canopy of trees, the beach exudes an air of exclusivity and tranquility. Upon arrival, the seclusion of Butterfly Beach provides the perfect backdrop for a variety of activities. The crystal-clear and calm waters beckon swimmers to indulge in their delights. The soft white sands invite sunbathers to relax and soak in the serene atmosphere. For the adventurous souls, there are nearby rocks and caves waiting to be explored, enhancing the beach’s untouched allure. Due to its challenging accessibility, Butterfly Beach remains largely deserted, making it a truly unexplored haven in Goa. It is an ideal destination for those seeking to escape the tourist crowds and immerse themselves in a close encounter with nature.

Querium Beach- Located at the northern tip of Goa, Querim Beach presents a serene and tranquil haven for those seeking an escape. With its long stretch of sandy shoreline seamlessly merging with the warm waters, this beach, also known as Keri Beach, exudes a sense of peace and quiet that is palpable. Unlike the more popular beaches in Goa, Querim Beach is often visited by only a handful of visitors at any given time, further enhancing its serene atmosphere. The activities at Querim Beach perfectly reflect its laid-back ambiance. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the gentle waves, sunbathing under the open sky, and taking leisurely walks along the shore. The beach is also a favorite spot among local fishermen, who can often be seen casting their lines and contributing to the authentic Goan feel of the area. Birdwatchers will also find Querim Beach to be a delightful destination, as it offers ample opportunities to observe various local species in their natural habitat. As one of the lesser-known and unexplored beaches in Goa, Querim Beach is truly a hidden gem. It provides a peaceful and idyllic beach day for those looking to escape the crowds and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Arambol Beach: Located in North Goa, Arambol Beach is a captivating destination that seamlessly combines natural beauty with a vibrant cultural atmosphere. This beach has become a haven for artists, musicians, travelers, and yogis, creating a unique community. Despite its growing popularity among the alternative crowd, Arambol Beach has managed to preserve its unspoiled charm. The beach itself boasts a picturesque sandy curve, bordered by cliffs on one side and a serene freshwater lake on the other, offering a diverse range of landscapes to explore. At Arambol Beach, there is an abundance of activities to suit every visitor’s taste. The inviting sea beckons swimmers and sunbathers, while the beach serves as an idyllic setting for yoga and meditation sessions, often held during the enchanting moments of sunrise or sunset. The relaxed ambiance of the beach is perfect for those seeking solace and embracing the bohemian spirit that Arambol is renowned for. Additionally, the local flea market is a treasure trove of unique handicrafts, jewelry, and clothing, allowing visitors to bring a piece of Goa’s creative essence back home. As the sun sets, spontaneous jam sessions and mesmerizing fire dances often take place, infusing Arambol Beach with a sense of tranquility and Goan festivity.

Morjim Beach: Morjim Beach, known as the Tranquil Turtle Habitat, is a serene and peaceful destination in North Goa. Often referred to as ‘Little Russia’ due to its popularity among Russian expatriates, this beach offers a tranquil escape from the bustling crowds. With its expansive stretch of soft golden sands and the mesmerizing azure sea, Morjim Beach provides a perfect setting to connect with nature. One of the highlights of Morjim Beach is its role as a nesting ground for the olive ridley sea turtles, a protected species. This adds to the beach’s serene environment and makes it a haven for nature enthusiasts. Visitors can indulge in sunbathing, leisurely swims, and even turtle watching, especially during the nesting season when the beach is designated as a conservation zone. In addition to its natural beauty, Morjim Beach also offers opportunities for birdwatching.

Many species can be spotted in the estuary of the nearby Chapora River, adding to the peaceful ambiance of the area. Unlike other commercialized beaches in Goa, Morjim maintains a minimal level of commercial activity. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking an unexplored and unspoiled beach experience. Here, the horizon stretches wide, the pace is unhurried, and the overall experience is authentically Goan. Overall, Morjim Beach is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil and authentic Goan beach experience. Whether you seek solitude, a connection with nature, or simply a break from the commercialized beaches, Morjim is the perfect destination.