All That it Took for Anushka and Astha to Become Toppers: Hear Their Mother’s Advice

All That it Took for Anushka and Astha to Become Toppers: Hear Their Mother’s Advice

All That it Took for Anushka and Astha to Become Toppers: Hear Their Mother’s Advice

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Gurgaon twins and toppers Astha and Anushka want to pursue MBBS and become doctors.

15 May 2024

By Khushi Maheshwari

Identical twins hailing from Gurugram, NCR, Anushka and Astha Vora, have broken their own academic record. In the Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) class 12 board exam, Anushka received 98% and Astha, 97.4%, respectively. The girls’ board test scores for class 10 were more than 98%.

Avani Vora, a delighted mother, remarked that the girls did not opt for any CBSE Grade 12 tuition.  The sisters were taught by Suncity School teachers and their parents, chemical engineer mother Avani Vora and oncologist Dr. Amish Vora.

The twins committed about 3–4 hours a day to self-study in preparation for the CBSE Class 12 exam. The girls had taken the four key class 12 exams in English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Every day, the twins would spend an hour playing basketball in the condominium, soccer or Zumba at home, according to Avani. She also shed light on how the twins carefully organised their calendars to effectively handle their coursework, assignments and projects, and they consistently offered one another encouragement when things got tough. They also made time for leisure pursuits, playing hoops in their condo, practising Zumba at home or playing soccer for an hour every day. Using social media, they joined a number of groups to broaden their knowledge of different topics. They emphasise the value of self-study above tuition and credit their success to the combination of hard effort, discipline and consistency that their parents established in them.

Both sisters hope to follow in their father’s footsteps by becoming excellent doctors. They have both taken the NEET, the national entrance exam required for admission to MBBS programs at medical colleges across the nation.

On 13th May, the CBSE announced the results of the class 12 board test, with an overall pass rate of 87.98%. In this year’s board test, girls have outperformed boys. Exams were taken by 1,62,1224 students in total, of which 1,42,6420 passed. Girls have secured 91.52% of the vote, outnumbering boys. Boys have 85.12% of the total. The exams took place in 2024 between 15th February and 2nd April. Following the announcement of the CBSE results, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated each and every student and extended congratulations.