98 days left to exchange Rs 2000 notes

The announcement of withdrawal of Rs 2000 from circulation came in as a shock to many as they thought they would lose on their important earnings. But, since the clarification made by the Reserve Bank of India made life simpler, many depositors queued at bank cash counters with their money. 

Banks in Pune are yet to open special counters; and are not seeing any unusual rush. Though the possibilities of increasing the number of people visiting the bank cannot be denied. 

From May 23 to September 30, there are only 98 days left for depositors to deposit their Rs 2000 notes, excluding bank holidays and weekly offs. 

The total number of days is 131, but there are 9 bank holidays and 18 Sundays and 6 festival holidays. Banks have not yet opened new special counters wherein the depositors can deposit their Rs 2 000 notes and may see a rise in people only from Tuesday. . 

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