Pune : PMC commissioner Holds Inspection Of Palkhi Marg To Ensure Smooth Procession

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The inspection of the Palki Marg, in preparation for the upcoming procession of Shri Sant Dnyaneshwar and Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj, was conducted by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Commissioner and other officials. The aim of the inspection was to ensure a smooth procession.

On Monday, June 12, 2023, the palki of Shri Sant Dnyaneshwar and Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj will arrive in Pune City. In light of this, Vikram Kumar, the Administrator and Municipal Commissioner of the PMC, organized an inspection of the Palki pathways. Various officials including Asha Raut, Deputy Commissioner (Solid Waste Department), Anirudh Pavaskar, Superintending Engineer (Water Supply Department), Ashok Ghorpade, Chief Udayan Superintendent, Kishori Shinde, Deputy Commissioner (Circle No. 1), Kalpana Baliwant, Assistant Health Officer, Chandrasen Nagtilak, Municipal Assistant Commissioner (Yerwada Kalas), and other zonal officers participated in the inspection.

During the inspection, several aspects related to the palki paths of Shri Sant Dnyaneshwar and Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj were addressed, and directives were given to those responsible for the necessary planning upon the arrival of the palki.

The disaster management rooms of the Aundh-Baner Zonal Office, Bhawani Peth Zonal Office, and Yerawada-Kalas-Dhanori Zonal Office were inspected. These rooms are equipped to handle road maintenance, encroachment issues, lodging safety, water supply, toilets, sanitary services, and rain drains. The officials received instructions from the Commissioner to ensure that these chambers are cleaned and repaired.

Immediate action has been ordered to remove encroachments along the Palki Marg and clear the road of any abandoned vehicles or objects causing obstruction.

Considering the summer conditions, there is a directive to increase the number of emergency rooms. Preparations are also underway to construct restrooms for pilgrims at various locations along the Palkhi route. Instructions have been given to provide O.R.S. packages, clean drinking water, fans, portable restrooms, emergency medical units, and other necessary facilities. The Commissioner has also emphasized the need to set up mobile clinics and restrooms, as well as provide health services.

Efforts will be made to ensure that the palkhi dindi ritual proceeds smoothly without any disruptions, and traffic flow is maintained. The installation of CCTV cameras for security purposes has been suggested.

The Commissioner has recommended repairing roads and pavements, as well as painting the roadside boundary walls. Any tree branches obstructing the palkhi route will be trimmed.

Concerning palkhi darshan arrangements and crowd control, instructions have been issued to the relevant department regarding the setup of barricades to prevent inconvenience to the public. Additionally, while providing prasad at the resting site, the provision of firefighting equipment has been requested to avoid any potential disasters.

The Anti Encroachment department has been tasked with removing encroachments that obstruct traffic along the palkhi route.

The Water Supply department will ensure 24-hour water supply on the Palkhi Marg and at all the Peths during the procession, taking into account the Palki Marg and the locations where the Dindas reside. Adequate waste pickers will be available to maintain cleanliness at the locations where food and breakfast are served to the workers. Clean drinking water will also be provided.

There will be no disruption to the electricity supply during the palkhi procession.

To safeguard the health of the Varkaris (pilgrims), the area will be kept clean round the clock, and all sanitation-related facilities will be provided by the Solid Waste department.

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