Air Pollution : BMC issues notices to 461 construction sites as air quality deteriorates in Mumbai 

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BMC issues notices to 461 construction sites as air quality deteriorates in Mumbai 

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The local authorities have released guidelines for controlling air pollution caused by dust emanating from construction sites. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in severe consequences such as work stoppage or site closure. 

Currently, 815 structures have been inspected to ensure compliance with the guidelines, and 461 projects have received written notices to implement necessary measures.

On October 25, 2023, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) released guidelines requiring both private and government entities to actively combat air pollution in Mumbai.

 To ensure compliance with these regulations, assistant commissioners from all 24 administrative departments have established dedicated teams. These teams consist of two engineers, a policeman, a marshal, a vehicle, and a senior officer from the department office, who will oversee the implementation of the rules.

In the small division, two teams have been formed, while in the middle division, there are four teams, and in the big division, there are six teams. The teams are currently conducting visits to the area and conducting inspections of the workplace. Additionally, they are providing written instructions to ensure adherence to the workplace guidelines within the specified timeframe.

On November 3, representatives from all 24 divisions in Mumbai conducted visits to 815 construction sites within their respective jurisdictions. Additionally, construction projects have received written instructions to ensure compliance with guidelines within the specified timeframe. Visits to the remaining construction sites have been planned accordingly. Furthermore, other civic departments are utilizing online systems such as auto-DCR to issue written notices to construction projects.

Enforcement teams are required to conduct on-site visits and capture video footage of the workplace.

In the event that non-compliance with regulations is identified within the workplace, it is necessary to issue a stop notice or seal the premises.

Vehicles transporting construction or demolition materials must adhere to the regulations.

Vehicles exceeding the prescribed limit, vehicles without proper covering, and vehicles causing debris to fall on the roads will face enforcement measures by the Transport Commissioner.

Strict prohibition will be imposed on heavy diesel vehicles that are older than 8 years from operating within the Mumbai jurisdiction.

For construction purposes, it is mandatory for all builders to utilize vehicles equipped with tracking systems.