Alert: Govt warns mobile users of calls coming from these numbers

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The Department of Telecommunication (DoT) cautions citizens about fraudulent WhatsApp calls claiming to be from government agencies, urging vigilance and reporting of suspicious activities.

The Department of Telecommunication (DoT), a division under the Ministry of Communication, has issued a warning to mobile users regarding fraudulent WhatsApp calls impersonating DoT officials. These scam callers are threatening individuals by falsely claiming to represent the telecom department and intimidating them with threats of disconnection or involvement in illegal activities.

The advisory highlights the modus operandi of cyber criminals who employ tactics to extract personal information from unsuspecting victims under the guise of official communication. Particularly, calls originating from foreign numbers, such as those starting with +92 -xxxxxxx, are being used to deceive people by posing as government officials.

DoT emphasizes that it does not authorize anyone to make such calls on its behalf and urges the public to remain vigilant. Individuals are strongly advised not to disclose any personal or sensitive information if they receive such calls.

To combat this rising menace, DoT has introduced the ‘Chakshu-Report Suspected Fraud Communications’ facility on the Sanchar Saathi portal ( for reporting fraudulent calls. Additionally, mobile users are encouraged to utilize the ‘Know Your Mobile Connections’ feature on the same portal to verify and report any unauthorized mobile connections registered under their name.

In addition to the government’s efforts, WhatsApp users can take proactive measures to protect themselves from spam calls. The messaging platform offers options to silence unknown calls, preventing them from ringing if the number is not saved in the user’s contacts. Furthermore, users have the ability to block specific numbers on WhatsApp to mitigate the impact of repeated spam calls.

While these features may not completely eliminate spam calls, they serve as valuable tools to enhance users’ control over their communication channels and safeguard against potential scams and fraudulent activities.

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