Animal carcass dumped into Ravet water pumping station poses health hazard

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Animal fat and carcass being dumped into the Pavana river is not only polluting the river but also posing a great health hazard.

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Due to the negligence of Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation the area near Ravet water pumping center is posing a health hazard as dead animals, fat are being dumped into the water body.

Water from Pavana river is pumped daily to supply to the citizens of Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. The raw water pumping station at Ravet sees millions of liters of water being pumped , however for the last few days, animal carcass, fat are seen floating on the river water which is posing a big risk.

“This matter is very serious, for which we have been taking follow-up with the PCMC for the last 2 months. The water contains harmful elements which poses a big health risk. As this is a very sensitive issue, we have asked the commissioner and health officials to take immediate action on this and have asked them to install CCTV cameras on both the sides of the river basin to monitor the area so that no one will dare to mix such harmful elements in the water,” said Aniket Prabhu, President, Thergaon Social Foundation.

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